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Simultaneous Amplification and Testing

With the help of RT enzyme, the target RNA is reverse transcribed and synthesized to a double-stranded DNA equipped with the T7 promoter, and then multiple RNA copies (100-1000) are produced from each cDNA copy by use of T7 RNA polymerase. The synthesized RNA binds to molecular beacons and generates fluorescence, which can be detected by a fluorescence detector. At the same time, the newly synthesized RNA continues the process of reverse transcription and transcription with the help of RT enzyme and T7 RNA polymerase. The repeat of this process enables highly efficient amplification.

SAT technology has been applied in below fields, more than hundreds of well-known

hospitals in China have been using this technology and it has been acclaimed widely.

Reproductive Health

RNA detection is mainstreamed in USA, Europe and Japan, etc. The experience with non-invasive urine test is irreplaceable for patients.

Respiratory Disease

Respiratory Diseases requires methods which enable earlier and accurate detection as they develop and spread rapidly


The outbreak of HFMD requests testing which is fast, accurate and able to discriminate main subtypes.

Bloodborne Infectious Diseases

These diseases remain a global public health problem, but RNA is a promising biomarker for improving clinical diagnosis and patients' outcome.

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